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    How did you come up with the idea of TEAM R&R?

    How Did You Come Up With The Idea of TEAM R&R?

    Being a fire fighter, I’ve seen first hand the need for highly skilled rescue personal at a scene. Several years ago I found myself wanting to give back to the community.  I had both the skills and the desire to help and knew I could find the time to make a difference. Growing up in team sports and understanding a team effort, I wanted an acronym for TEAM and to make that our direction.  My dad often spoke of the Hand Shake and this was going to be a big part of this mission, working from a team approach and only asking for a hand shake in return, I knew I had a concept that could really impact the needs of others.  Extending a hand and not asking for anything in return is the basis of TEAM R&R.


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Team R&R: Rescue and Recovery