TEAM R&R is no longer operational.

Service ended in 2012.


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Where business is done on a handshake. Not an invoice.
TEAM R&R Disaster Assistance is a not-for-profit organization. It was formed to act as a specially trained rescue team. Our mission is to save lives and property in instances of natural disasters or other large-scale tragedies. During hurricanes, flooding, wild fires and other emergency situations the normal resources become overloaded. Often times we are the first of the first responders for rescue needs, clearing the roadways for other emergency personnel. Emergency agencies, residents and relief support have to be able to get there to do their part.

That is what R&R is for, to help fill the gap between normal community needs and the needs that occur in a time of crisis. Responding territory is from the Mississippi river east, Eastern of the USA. Learn More About Team R&R...

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