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    How can I help the TEAM the most effectively?

    How Can I Help the TEAM the Most Effectively?

    This depends on what you have to contribute.

    • Hard dollarsare always welcome! It takes cash to purchase the fuel needed, buy equipment andmaintain the equipmentwe already have. With working capital we are able to research and do cost and quality comparisons to be sure we get the most appropriate gear at the best possible rate.
    • Some can offer services such as the generous sponsor, Tek Interactive who has given time and services to redesign, produce and host our website for us. this contribution has been priceless to us!
    • Some can offer equipment or gear - having all the right skills to perform rescue and recovery can be quantified by having the right tools for the job! Response efforts take a real toll on our equipment so we gladly accept these types of sponsorship.
    • Help us promote our School Programs. Getting our positive message out the to the kids in the community helps to build awareness for TEAM R&R and creates character building to the young people in our communities.

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Team R&R: Rescue and Recovery