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    Who pays for TEAM R&R ?

    Who Pays for TEAM R&R?

    Funding comes from a variety of sources. John subsidizes the program with his communication tower and flagpole work. Other individuals and businesses contribute in their own way. Some help with the cost of fuel, others offer their time and services and some businesses allow us to purchase needed gear by offering substantial discounts. TEAM R&R does school programs and some of these generous kids have raised money to assist with gear and the cost of fuel. Strangers have been know to write a check or to donate cash to help too. Sometimes we return home from a response and there is a donation from someone we have just helped - that is the type of donation that just warms our hearts!

    Here'sa few more exaples:

    • Students from Ann Serrani's 4th grade class from Perry Hill Elementary in Ft. Wayne IN raise funds to assist. The students worked to earn the money, then donated it to help others. This started with Ann Serrani read a local news story after TEAM R&R returned fromHurricane Isabel. She'd ask if John would share his story with her class. This was the start of the school program.
    • American Legions, Lions clubs, Mad Anthony'sand other civic orginazationsin the Ft. Wayne area have helped with funds too. Most of the time it is eaten up with the cost of fuel assisting with disasters.
    • Areas that TEAM R&R has assisted have pitched in too. While assisting TEAM R&R does not ask for assistance, often it is offered. John hands them a TEAM R&R handout and the info is there if they wish to help with the next one.

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Team R&R: Rescue and Recovery